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Toward the G7 Hiroshima Summit and Nagasaki Health Ministers窶 Meeting: JNA submitted recommendations to the Japanese government.

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JNA News Release Vol. # Main Topics Covered
Exploring career development of nurses in global health and nursing policies at the 53rd Conference of the Japan Society of Nursing.
Nursing Day and Nursing Week events held in Japan
JNA News Release 2021 Vol.36
  • Survey Results on the Actual Status of Nurses窶 Responses to COVID-19
JNA News Release Vol. # Main Topics Covered
  • Nursing Now Forum in Japan held with great success!
  • JNA窶冱 latest efforts regarding Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
  • 2019 Nursing survey : Actual status of and measures against violence and harassment
  • Leadership of the JNA in response to Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
  • pandemicシ咾ollaboration with Government and impact on media.
JNA Survey results on the Fundamentals of Public Health Nurse Activities
The Annual General Convention for FY 2019 (first year of the Reiwa era)
Message from JNA President
The 5th China Japan Korea Nursing Conference
2017 Survey on the Actual Situation of Hospital Nursing
The Third Global Ministerial Summit on Patient Safety, JNA Annual General Convention for the fiscal year 2018
Greeting from JNA President Toshiko Fukui, RN, RNM, MBA, PhD JNA窶冱 70thAnniversary
  • Annual General Convention and Priority Policies for the Fiscal Year 2017
  • 2016 Survey on the Actual Situation of Nursing in Hospital
The Wage System of Nurses Employed by Hospitals
The 4th China-Japan-Korea Nursing Conference
JNA窶冱 Disaster Response (Kumamoto Earthquake)
Disaster Relief Nurse & Disaster Relief Network System
JNA窶冱 Strategies for People with Dementia
JNA窶冱 Development of Clinical Ladder for Nurses
Implementation of Newly-enacted Nursing Systems
Circumstances of Nurses in Japan (with Data on Employment Status)
Public Health Nurse: activities and roles
JNA Survey Results on public health nurse activities
Visiting Nursing: demand and facilities to respond
JNA Survey Results on visiting nursing and hospital nurses
Midwife: clinical ladder certification and workplace
JNA Survey Results on guidelines by JNA

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