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Japanese Nursing Association(JNA) leads nursing in Japan in collaboration with nurses and people for high quality care. JNA is the largest nursing professional organization in Japan which represents public health nurses, midwives, nurses, and assistant nurses (=licenced practical nurse;LPN).
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  • July, 2023 【NNA Symposium】
    The Japanese Nursing Association held a National Nurses Association (NNA) symposium.For more information, please visit “International Activities.”
  • June, 2023 【JNA News Release】
    JNA News Release 2023 Vol.41
    Topics covered in this issue are “Appointment of new Board members”, “ G7 Health Ministers’ Meeting in Nagasaki” and “JNA President’s Award”.
  • May, 2023 【JNA News Release】
    JNA News Release 2023 Vol.40
    Topic covered in this issue is “Towards the G7 Hiroshima Summit and G7 Health Ministers' Meeting in Nagasaki ~Joint statement issued with the international Council of Nurses to G7 Leaders and Health Ministers~”.
  • April, 2023 【Nursing in Japan 2023 (English version and Japanese version)】
    Nursing in Japan 2023(English version and Japanese version)
    “Nursing in Japan 2023(English version and Japanese version)”, which provides the institutional framework of nursing, its historical development, and current challenges in Japan, has been published by JNA.

Nursing Now Campaign

Japanese Nursing Association (JNA) and Japan Nursing Federation (JNF) started our collaborative activities on Nursing Now in February 2019. We uphold the theme of “Creating Healthy Society through the Power of Nursing” and run a campaign in Japan.

COVID-19 Update

From the Frontlines of COVID-19

Nurses across Japan are continuing to work hard in fighting the pandemic. During the rapid increase in the Coronavirus diseases (COVID-19) cases, what was happening at the frontline? What were the nurses’ thoughts, decisions and actions? The Japanese Nursing Association (JNA) will share the stories of Nurses in Japan and their battles with COVID-19.

  • Patients dying alone: The dilemma between infection control and medical ethics
  • Efforts of Public Health Nurses responding to COVID-19
  • An elderly care facility fighting COVID-19 with thorough infection control

The JNA effort toward restoration assistance for the Great East Japan Earthquake

The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred on March 11, 2011, causing unprecedented damage in Japan. We express our deepest sympathy for people who have been afflicted in this disaster.
JNA has taken various initiatives to assist reconstruction ever since the occurrence of the Earthquake. In March 2017, we closed down the special department that we established to assist reconstruction. On this opportunity, we would like to review and share the relief activities that JNA undertook over these six years.

Future Vision of Nursing: Nurses' Endeavour toward 2025

Facing the on-going development of aging and declining birth rate in Japan, which may reach a critical point in 2025 and which is inevitably leading the radical reform of social security systems including medical, nursing and long-term care, the Japanese Nursing Association has published the “Future Vision of Nursing: Nurses' Endeavour toward 2025 - Nursing Supports and Sustains Human Life, Living and Dignity" to show nurses clear goals to head for. We are pleased to share the publication with our colleagues around the world to exchange information and experience so that we may achieve better health and well-being in the whole globe.

Nursing and patient safety in Japan

Demands for health care service is increasing because of global efforts toward Universal Health Coverage as well as aging in Japan. Patient safety is the basis of quality health care service. JNA provides detailed information of patient safety including current situation, nursing practice and JNA efforts.

Nursing for the people with lifestyle-related diseases in Japan

Prevention and control of Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are the issues to be addressed globally. In Japan, NCDs relating to lifestyles and behaviors are called "lifestyle-related diseases".
JNA provides detailed information of lifestyle-related diseases including current situation and risk factors as well as nursing and JNA efforts.

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Nursing for the older people in Japan

Population aging is a worldwide phenomenon. Japan is aging faster than any other countries. As the population ages, Japan is facing a variety of issues and a wide range of efforts are required. JNA provides detailed, in-depth information of the background, current situation and efforts of aging and nursing in Japan.