JNA Activities

JNA Activities

Approved as a "non-profit social corporation" under Article 34 of the Civil Code, JNA engages in activities that contribute to the health and welfare of the Japanese public. Since its establishment in 1946, JNA has worked toward enhancing nursing standard in Japan through organizing support activities for members and undertaking initiatives that address challenges in the areas of public health, medical care and social welfare. JNA periodically reviews a Code of Ethics for Nurses and standards of Nursing Practice in order to improve the quality of nursing care. JNA will continue to make social contributions providing "better nursing services" that meet the demands of the time.

Priority Policies (FY 2021)

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  • Promotion of reform of the basic nursing education system
  • Establishment of a system for nursing service provision which supports the community based integrated care for health, care and recuperation
  • Promotion of work style reform for nurses
  • Promotion of the role expansion of nurses and development of human resources for nursing
  • Development of a base for optimizing the nursing registration information and utilization of nursing profession
  • Strengthening crisis management system in the community

Future Vision of Nursing: Nurses' Endeavour toward 2025
- Nursing Supports and Sustains Human Life, Living and Dignity

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COVID-19 Update

From the Frontlines of COVID-19

Nurses across Japan are continuing to work hard in fighting the pandemic. During the rapid increase in the Coronavirus diseases (COVID-19) cases, what was happening at the frontline? What were the nurses’ thoughts, decisions and actions? The Japanese Nursing Association (JNA) will share the stories of Nurses in Japan and their battles with COVID-19.

Code of Ethics for Nurses

JNA produced the Code of Ethics for Nurses in 1988 as the first ethical practice guideline for nursing profession in Japan. In 2003, the revised Code was published to reflect the changing times.
After 17 years since the last revision, JNA reviewed the Code responding to significant changes in environments and social situations surrounding nursing, and released “JNA Code of Ethics for Nurses” in March 2021. We hope the Code will be utilized in every nursing setting.

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