Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Japanese Nursing Association (JNA) complies with Japan’s Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other applicable laws and regulations. We handle personal information appropriately in accordance with the Privacy Policy set forth below.

  • JNA obtains personal information to carry out its work and uses it only within the scope of the purposes of use indicated or made public.
  • JNA has established internal rules related to information management and the protection of personal information, based on which it has developed a system that it uses to manage personal information properly.
  • To ensure personal information is handled appropriately, JNA provides training to its officers and employees on a continuing basis and regularly reviews its management system in an effort to continually improve it.
  • When JNA is asked to disclose, correct, delete, or stop using personal information, it does so without delay and as reasonable after confirming that the request comes from the owner of the information.
  • JNA maintains a help desk that responds to complaints and answers questions about its handling of personal information.

Matters Related to Personal Information

  • Purposes of use of personal information
    Except as indicated otherwise, JNA uses personal information within the scope necessary to accomplish the following objectives:

    (1) Fulfilling agreements, management, and communication in the conduct of our work

    (2) Responding to and recording inquiries about our work

    (3) Managing and communicating with members

    (4) Managing and communicating with retired employees and job applicants

    (5) Responding to requests about personal information, such as for its disclosure

    (6) Other matters associated with the conduct of our work

    See “About JNA” and “JNA Activities” for details about JNA’s work.

  • Sharing of personal information
    JNA shares personal information as specified below, within the scope necessary to achieve the above purposes of use.

    (1) Scope of sharing
    Prefectural nursing associations

    (2) Purposes of use of shared information
    Same as the “Purposes of use of personal information” above

    (3) Information shared
    Name; date of birth; gender; contact information such as home address and telephone number; contact information such as name, address, and phone number of employer; occupation; license number; JNA membership number; facility number; prefectural membership number; registration information entered into the registration system to participate in JNA conferences; registration information for the eNurse Center; etc.

    (4) Administrators
    JNA and prefectural nursing associations

  • Inquiries about personal information
    Please contact JNA’s personal information help desk if you have any complaints, questions, or requests (such as for disclosure) regarding JNA’s handling of personal information.
Contact (personal information help desk)

5-8-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

Department of General Administrative Affairs, Japanese Nursing Association

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