About this Site

About this Site

This website is operated by the Japanese Nursing Association (JNA), a public interest incorporated association.

General disclaimer

By continuing to use this website, you are deemed to have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions. We reserve the right to change or modify this website at any time without prior notice.

Disclaimer of warranties

We make no explicit or implicit warranties regarding the content of this website, including but not limited to the accuracy, legitimacy, morality, currency, adequacy, or appropriateness of information contained therein. Also, we assume no liability whatsoever for any damages incurred as a result of or in relation to your use of information contained on this website.

We make no warranties of any kind regarding the quality of services on this website. Also, we assume no liability whatsoever should your browsing or use of text, images, audio, video, or programs contained on this website result in damage or problems with your device or regarding viruses that could have an adverse effect on your device.

We assume no liability whatsoever for losses and damages caused by or resulting from the suspension of or defects in services on this website.

Terms of use and copyright

We do not warranty the accuracy of any of the various kinds of information contained on this website.

Articles, photos, and illustrations, etc., that appear on this website are protected by Japan窶冱 Copyright Act. It is therefore prohibited by law to copy, duplicate, translate, or reproduce, etc., such content without the permission of the copyright holders.

Links to other sites

This website includes links to several external sites, but this website bears no obligation or responsibility of any kind regarding those independent third-party sites and services.

Privacy policy

We have established a Privacy Policy in view of the importance of personal information.

Questions and opinions regarding this website

Please see the Contact Us page to send us your opinions or questions.


This website uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption on pages where personal information is entered. With SSL, data that you enter is encrypted on your computer before passing through a network to a registered computer operated by JNA.


To print the background when printing out pages of this website, follow the procedures below to configure your browser.

  • Internet Explorer 8 or later
    Select Page Setup from the File menu. Tick the Print background colors and images check box.
  • Internet Explorer 7 or earlier
    Select Internet Options from the Tools menu, then click on the Advanced tab. Under Settings, tick the Print background colors and images check box at the bottom.

Font size

You can change the size of fonts on this website to make them easier to read. There are buttons to change the font size on the top right of the screen. You can choose from 窶徭mall,窶 default,窶 and 窶徑arge.窶 The initial display is 窶彭efault.窶

  • The size of fonts displayed in images cannot be changed.
  • Some browsers are not capable of changing the size of fonts.



You may need Adobe Reader (a free program) to read PDF files. You can download Adobe Reader from the Adobe Reader download page.


Adobe Flash Player 7 (free) or higher is needed to view flash content. You can Adobe Flash Player 7 (free) or higher is needed to view flash content. You can download Flash Player from the Adobe Flash Player download page.

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