Regarding this site

Regarding this site

This website is operated by the Japanese Nursing Association (JNA), a public interest incorporated association.


When you use this website, we conclude that you have agreed to the requests and cautions regarding the use of this website. Please be forewarned that the content of this website may be revised or added to without notice.

Terms of use and copyright

We do not guarantee the accuracy of the content of various kinds of information published on this website.

Articles, photos and illustrations, etc. that appear on this website are protected by the Copyright Act of Japan. Therefore, it is prohibited by law to photocopy, duplicate, translate, or reproduce, etc. such content without the permission of the copyright holders.

Links to other sites

This website includes links to several external sites, but this website bears no obligation or responsibility of any kind regarding these independent third-party sites or services.

Personal information protection policy

JNA has established a Personal Information Protection Policy in view of the importance of personal information.

Questions and opinions regarding this site

To put forward opinions or questions regarding this site, please refer to Contact Us.

Regarding SSL

On this website, we have introduced SSL (secure socket layer) encryption technology on pages for entering personal information. In the case of SSL, the personal information entered by the user is encrypted on the user窶冱 PC, passes through a network, and is delivered to a registered computer operated by JNA.

Font size

It is possible to change the size of fonts to make it easier to read pages. A button to change the font size is available on the top right of the screen. You can choose a font size from 窶彭efault窶,or 窶徑arge窶, and the initial display is 窶彭efault窶.

  • Font sizes displayed in images cannot be altered.
  • Some browsers are not capable of changing the size of fonts.



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